The Future. Faster.
The Pursuit of Sustainable Success with Nutrien Ag Solutions

The future isn’t just written by the past. It’s written by the right now. And right now, we’re focused on what’s next. Welcome to “The Future. Faster.” A sustainable agriculture podcast created for growers. For partners. For the planet. To us, it’s not about changing what’s always worked. It’s about continuing to do the little things that make a big impact. And we’re here to share insights on sustainable ag market opportunities, practices, products and programs from the front lines...

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Meet the Hosts

Tom Daniel

Director, Retail and Grower Sustainable Ag

Sally Flis, Ph.D.

Sr. Manager, Sustainability Field

Join Tom Daniel, Sustainable Ag Director of Retail, and Sally Flis, Ph.D., Sr. Manager, Sustainability Field, of Nutrien Ag Solutions every other week as they share company, industry and partner updates, plus engage with agricultural and environmental professionals to generate dialogue about sustainable agriculture. So follow along as we stay a step ahead and pursue sustainable success.