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Episode 51

Farm data drives your ability to leverage sustainability insights.

And farm equipment drives your ability to collect data.

So it's fortunate, then, that the agriculture equipment manufacturing industry is embracing the challenge, pioneering new technologies and advocating for policies that support sustainable ag in North America and around the world.

In this episode, we'll meet an important leader of this conversation, Curt Blades, the Senior Vice President of Industry Sectors and Product Leadership at the Association of Equipment Manufacturers.

AEM represents more than 1,000 companies in North America that build and support agriculture, construction, forestry, mining and utility equipment.

And since he joined the association leadership team eight years ago, Curt says there has been a shift in the way that the industry talks about sustainability.

In this episode, we'll discuss why that shift has happened, what it means and how it benefits growers.

Plus, we'll talk about how AEM is helping growers tell their sustainability story and advocating for policies that will support sustainable ag for years to come. 

Episode 50

The global spotlight on agriculture has never been brighter than it is today.

Farmers have spent decades producing food, fuel and fiber for the world, all while serving as stewards for the land and the next generation.

But increased global attention to the ongoing climate crisis means that every agricultural practice is under the microscope.

And if growers aren't telling their sustainability story, they risk being left out of key discussions that will shape the future of agriculture policy.

So in this episode, we're talking with Tim Faveri, the Vice President of Sustainability and Stakeholder Relations at Nutrien.

His team works across the organization to integrate sustainability strategy and advance environmental stewardship with partners across the globe.

We'll talk about how they are helping growers shape common sense policy, how fostering partnerships with external stakeholders are an important facet of the strategy, and what they've learned in the last several years of helping farmers share their sustainability story.

Episode 49

Let's start with the good news about the North American climate outlook for the 2024 growing season: drought conditions are significantly better than they were last year.

However, maybe it's force-of-habit, but growers seem to have more anxiety than usual about weather in the coming growing season, according to Nutrien Ag Solutions science fellow and principal atmospheric scientist Eric Snodgrass.

And among the growers he talks to across the continent, he says everyone has something they're hoping for that could make or break their year.

So in this episode, we'll dive in to the climatological outlook for every region in North America and try to tell you what kind of help... or hinderance... you can expect from Mother Nature.

We'll discuss what the unusually warm winter means for planting operations across the continent, and see how long-term trade winds trends will impact weather patterns.

Then, Eric will explain why he expects to see an active severe weather season this Spring, followed by Summer weather that might seem reminiscent of 2016 for some growers.

Episode 48

Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium.

Every grower knows that these three nutrients are at the heart of every successful cropping plan.

But in 2024, the tools to manage those nutrients are so much more potent and complex than they used to be.

And cutting back on fertilizer inputs—discerningly and purposefully—can be a powerful opportunity to reduce costs and improve an operation's sustainability footprint.

So in this episode, we're talking to Ron Calhoun—Senior Marketing Manager of Plant Nutrition from Loveland Products at Nutrien Ag Solutions—to find out how growers can leverage tools like enhanced efficiency fertilizers.

He'll tell us why there's no one-size-fits-all answer.

But how, by bringing the best science and technology to bear, Nutrien Ag Solutions makes it possible for growers to improve their profitability and benefit the planet.

Episode 47

In the heart of soybean country, you'll find Indiana farmers who have been utilizing sustainable best practices since long before it was called "sustainability."

But a new Nutrien Ag Solutions incentive program with Bunge is making it possible for these growers to actually be compensated for these practices. And that's changing the game, both in terms of environmental impact AND the bottom line.

Danny Carmony Jr. is the division manager of Central Indiana for Nutrien Ag Solutions, and a back-to-back Dean Albrecht Award winner, an honor bestowed upon the manager of Nutrien Ag Solutions' top-performing division each year.

And in this episode, he joins us to discuss the unique challenges and opportunities for growers in the central Indiana region, including its diverse geography and soil types.

He'll also highlight the successes of the Bunge sustainable soybean program, discuss how it's affecting the implementation of sustainability practices like cover crops and no-till, and explore how offerings like Agrible make it easier than ever before to collect and leverage ag data.

Visit this link to learn more about the sustainable soybean program:

And visit to check your eligibility.

Older Episodes

Episode 46

Most growers have reached the point in their year when it's time to look back on what they've accomplished, review the records, and start looking for ways to improve their operations in the new year ahead.

Nutrien Ag Solutions can help connect growers to programs that pay farmers for their sustainable agriculture practices.

But it's going to take carefully collected and curated data to back up your sustainability story.

So Agrible is available to make data collection, management and insights easy to accomplish and understand.

And in this episode, we're talking to Ryan Adams, Nutrien Ag Solutions Director of Digital Sustainability, to learn about the new features that are making this sustainability tool even more useful.

Learn more or sign up at

Episode 45

Agriculture has been around for more than 10,000 years.

But you can argue that in the last 50 years, it’s changing and evolving faster than ever before.

That evolution has included the growing relationship between agriculture and what we now call “sustainability.” 

And someone who's been along for almost that entire ride is our very own Tom Daniel, Nutrien Ag Solutions' Director of North America Retail and Grower Sustainable Ag, who is retiring after 43 years in the industry.

So in this episode, we thought it would be fun and interesting to look back at that history through Tom's eyes.

He'll tell us about trends that have come and gone and re-emerged yet again. We'll chart how new technologies have made better sustainability outcomes, higher productivity and healthier margins possible. And we'll explore the changing relationship between consumers and the food they eat, and how sustainable ag has always been at the heart of all we do—whether you actually call it "sustainable ag" or not.

Episode 44

Sustainability doesn't stop at the border.

In fact, Nutrien Ag Solutions supports thousands of growers across Canada, and many of them are well along the path in their sustainability journey.

But while the overall goals and ideas are the same, like so much about the relationship between the U.S. and Canada, things are a little different north of the border.

So in this episode, we're discussing the sustainable ag program offerings for Canadian Nutrien Ag Solutions customers, and the evolving set of practices that are getting results there.

To do so, we're speaking with Dani Kerr, a Crop Production Advisor in Alberta. She'll tell us how she's grown the total acreage enrolled in the Canadian Carbon program, how her team uses data to drive results for its growers, and what sustainability lessons they've learned that farmers across North America can benefit from.

Plus, Tom makes a big announcement.

Learn more about the Canadian Sustainable Nitrogen Outcomes program at

And check out the Canadian FARMSMART page at

Episode 43

You can have all the agronomic tools in the world.

But if you don't have a plan to place the right seed on the right acre, both your margins and your sustainability footprint will suffer.

Plans take insight. Insight takes data.

And our seed product management team is working harder than ever before to provide our crop consultants with both.

So in this episode, we're talking to Todd Pester, the Senior Manager of Seed Product Management at Nutrien Ag Solutions, to talk about the tools that are available to help growers select the right seed for the right acre and maximize both their sustainability impact and their profitability.

You can find Dyna-Gro's Seed Recommendation Tool, as well as the full lineup of seed products, at

Plus, Tom and Sally reveal their plans for the 2nd Annual Sustainable Success Champions Program at Commodity Classic in Houston next year.

Visit to learn more or sign up.

Episode 42

When you talk about sustainable agriculture, you could be talking about greenhouse gas reduction, practice changes, nutrient management, or any number of other pieces of the sustainability puzzle.

Our mission at Nutrien Ag Solutions has always been to support farmers in their operations, helping them minimize their environmental impact while maximizing their margins.

But starting that sustainability conversation is tricky, when no two farm fields are the same.

So on this episode, we're meeting Matt Marshall, Vice President of Sustainable Ag and Retail Strategy at Nutrien Ag Solutions, to discuss how the company is simplifying the sustainability value proposition under its new FARMSMART brand.

Plus, we break some exciting news about a new sustainability milestone for Nutrien Ag Solutions that Sally has been pursuing for a long time.

Episode 41

From painfully dry weather across much of North America to record high temps in the South and West to massive wildfires in the North, weather extremes have impacted growers across the continent this year.

In this episode, we will start with a weather update from Nutrien Ag Solutions® Senior Meteorologist Andrew Pritchard. Andrew will explain how an emerging El Nino pattern and a weakened jet stream have contributed to the conditions we've seen and how there may be some relief for parched parts of the Corn Belt as the calendar rolls into August.

We will also hear from Nutrien Ag Solutions Crop Consultant Lyle Benjamin. As one of the early adopters of our Sustainable Nitrogen Outcomes and soil organic carbon programs, Lyle has secured more than 150,000 acres of enrollment across his territory in the arid Mountain West.

And it turns out that, in a drought-heavy year, we can all learn a lot from growers in one of the driest parts of the country. Lyle will discuss what's working for his customers and what's not, what we can learn from his neighbors to the North in Canada and why growers should get enrolled.

Episode 40

Climate change is an issue that's global in scale.

So when two companies that are global leaders band together to address the problem, it's sure to make some real headway.

Bunge, the world leader in oilseed processing, and Nutrien Ag Solutions are launching a strategic alliance and commercial agreement to support U.S. farmers in the implementation of sustainable farming practices that will help increase the development of lower carbon products. The initiative is expected to expand sustainable agriculture across shared supply chains in North America, bringing more whole-acre solutions to food, feed and fuel customers and end-consumers.

The initial program will focus on soybeans grown in the regions close to Bunge’s crushing facilities in Council Bluffs, Iowa, and Decatur, Indiana, with the opportunity for future expansion to other locations and crops such as corn and wheat. The program is targeting the 2023/2024 crop season and is expected to include practices such as cover crops, reduced tillage, nutrient management and responsible pesticide use.

So in this episode, we talk to Fernando Candia, Vice President of Carbon Solutions at Bunge, to discuss how it will work, why it was important to incentivize both new and existing sustainability practices, and how this strategic alliance utilizes the separate expertise of both companies.

Plus, Tom and Sally discuss some tools that are available during the growing season to gauge and minimize nitrogen needs, like tissue sampling and micro-nutrient management, allowing growers to incorporate new sustainability practices on fields that are already planted.

Visit to sign up for Nutrien Ag Solutions' free digital toolkit, and to learn more about Sustainable Nitrogen Outcomes.

Episode 39

In the heart of the Corn Belt, Iowa has long been a leader in agricultural production.

But with a mandate from state lawmakers and the public, the Iowa Nutrient Research Center was launched at Iowa State University in 2013 with a mission to study nutrient management practices, providing recommendations on implementing such practices and developing new practices as well.

And over the last 10 years, researchers like center director Matt Helmers have measured and quantified the impact of nutrient management, cover cropping and other techniques aimed at improving water quality and maintaining ag productivity.

So in this episode, Matt shares insights that you can incorporate into your operation to improve your sustainability footprint and pad your bottom line.

Plus, Tom and Sally provide an update on the current state of planting across North America, and discuss some of the new sustainability programs that are available for growers to enroll.

Visit to sign up for Nutrien Ag Solutions' free digital toolkit, and to learn more about Sustainable Nitrogen Outcomes.

Episode 38

The planter is tuned up, the seed is in the shed, and growers are ready to get to work.

But that doesn't mean Mother Nature is in any mood to cooperate yet with Planting Season 2023.

In this episode, we talk with Eric Snodgrass, Science Fellow and Principal Atmospheric Scientist at Nutrien Ag Solutions, for a look at what the planting season has in store from a climate and weather perspective in another year that seems poised to swing between extremes.

Eric tells us that the La Nina system that has driven weather patterns for the last several years has wound down, and there seems to be an El Nino rising up in its place. He explains what that will mean for growers across North America, and explains why some previously drought-stricken parts of the country are suddenly inundated with too much rain.

Plus, we examine how recent outbreaks of severe weather are on the rise, and how North America's weather fits in to the broader global climate picture.

Visit to learn more about FARMSMART, Nutrien Ag Solutions' new sustainable ag brand.

Episode 37

We learned a lot in 2022 from our pilot sustainability programs. And in 2023, Nutrien Ag Solutions is using what we learned to craft an even broader range of sustainability programs and opportunities for our grower customers. In this episode, Tom and Sally will examine some of the lessons they took away from last year's major rollout of sustainability offerings, and revisit some of the big events that capped off a successful year. Plus, they'll offer up a sneak peek at what programs growers can enroll in for 2023. Visit to check eligibility and start your enrollment process.

Episode 36

As many as 828 million people were affected by hunger in 2021—a number that is, alarmingly, growing.

And at the end of a year that has seen food security disrupted by a number of unexpected issues, like Russia's attack on Ukraine, supply chain issues and inflation, it's expected that these problems will only get more acute.

That's why it's more important than ever for the conversation around sustainable agriculture to include solutions that help boost productivity, rather than hamper it.

So in this episode, we're joined by Mark Thompson, Nutrien's Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, to talk about the intersection between food security, geopolitics, the economy and sustainability. He'll discuss Nutrien's ongoing efforts to combat these inflationary pressures and equip growers with the tools they need to do their jobs more sustainably and productively than ever.

Because, at the end of the day, it's on us to feed and fuel the world while we fight climate change.

Episode 35

As we work to counter the effects of global climate change, carbon accounting—the ways we measure greenhouse gas emissions and reduction—is becoming more important than ever. In this new field, carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide gas emissions from fertilizer use present a problem, not only at the field level, but up through the supply chain to the companies that sell goods produced from the crops that farmers grow. So making sure that these impacts are being measured accurately is so important, the Securities and Exchange Commission is even considering regulating the emerging carbon marketplace. And growers have a vested interest in making sure that new regulations don't sap productivity at a field level in pursuit of on-size-fits-all, silver-bullet solutions. In this episode, Tom and Sally discuss what growers need to know about this increasingly important conversation, and why it's imperative for growers to stay involved in the discussion so they can continue to feed a growing population in the most efficient, environmentally-sound manner possible.

Episode 34

NASCAR drivers may get all the glory. But just like a grower depends on their hands in the field, a driver depends on the team around them. And without the eyes in the sky of the team spotter, a NASCAR team would be blind as they tried to coordinate their strategy on the track. So in this episode, we’re back at the Charlotte Motor Speedway with Brett Griffin, NASCAR spotter for Kaulig racing, owner of Spot-On Activations, and host of the podcast, Door, Bumper, Clear. He also hosts “Leading the Field,” Nutrien Ag Solutions’ new video series, and we’re going to talk about what he’s learned from touring growing operations across North America, where the business worlds of sustainable agriculture and NASCAR racing intersect, and how NASCAR spotters help foster the teamwork that it takes to win races.

Episode 33

Over the last six years at Kaulig Racing, Matt Kaulig and Chris Rice have built a winning Xfinity series program, bringing in veteran NASCAR driver AJ Allmendinger to lead them to a series of big wins this year and positioning them to compete for a championship in Phoenix. Similarly, growers are building, growing and planning sustainability in their farming operations year over year as well, prioritizing long-term success. Nutrien Ag Solutions is proud to be a sponsor of Allmendinger's #16 Chevy Camaro, because he exemplifies the hard work and determination that it takes to find success in the field. So in this episode, Tom and Sally visit with AJ in the infield at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, a few hours before his thrilling comeback win in the Bank of America ROVAL 400. He tells us what it means to represent agriculture on the track, how cooperation and hard work power success in both the worlds of racing and farming, and how he's positioning himself to bring home a championship this year in Phoenix.

Episode 32

Growers build their legacy in the farming success they have today, but also the impact they leave for the future. But if an operation doesn't have the financial support it needs, that could affect its viability for future generations. So in this episode of the Future. Faster Podcast, we're talking to John Maman, sales and marketing director at Nutrien Financial. We'll discuss some of the financial tools Nutrien offers for supporting a grower's economic and operational sustainability, how these financing tools support Nutrien's broader ESG goals, and how to limit risk for growers in sustainable practice-specific farming operations. Plus, Tom and Sally discuss the recent devastation caused by Hurricane Ian in the state of Florida and throughout the American Southeast. They explore what crops and farming operations suffered the most, how the affects will ripple out across the agriculture industry, and what it means for sustainability practices.

Episode 31

Having their hands in the dirt is nothing new to farmers in North America. But it turns out they're not the only ones "working the field." In every cubic inch of soil, there's a miniature ecosystem living, breathing and feeding—and the health of that ecosystem can have a vast impact on crop yields, water retention and even the overall success or failure of a given planting season. So in this episode, we're talking to Lizzie French, a principal scientist at Nutrien Ag Solutions' Champagne, Illinois research lab, for a critical year-end overview on ensuring next year’s soil health, and how that can reduce our reliance on other inputs. We'll talk about soil sampling, cover crops and other critical tools to ensure that your soil is working for you, plus hear about her incredible background as the daughter of missionary parents that sparked her interest in soil management practices. Plus, Tom and Sally discuss equipping growers with the terminology and tools they need to discuss sustainability practices with consumer products groups, and why that's so important in 2022.

Episode 30

Another growing season is winding down, and harvest time is upon us in the American South. And so, in this episode, we'll talk with Nutrien Ag Solutions South Region Agronomist Clara Millsaps to get an update on how the harvest is expected to progress in her area, what sorts of conditions and yields farmers can anticipate this year, and why now is the time to make plans for cover cropping and soil sampling. It's certainly been a year of extremes in North America, and Clara will tell us how that's impacted the growers she talks to on a regular basis. Plus, we'll look ahead to how growers can incorporate other sustainable practices into their operations next year, detail the sorts of ROI they can expect, and discuss the regional differences that make some practices better than others for growers in the South. Clara will offer her insights about which cover crops work best in this unique region, and Tom and Sally will detail how soil sampling can be a game-changer for your sustainability strategy.

Episode 29

Controlling nutrient runoff is essential for protecting waterways, improving water use efficiency and boosting growers' profitability. So in this episode, Tom and Sally discuss how Nutrien Ag Solutions is helping farmers take on the challenge. Through the Sustainable Nitrogen Outcomes (SNO) program, growers can get paid to reduce their nitrogen use through improved management practices—for example, introducing products like enhanced efficiency fertilizers. Plus, they'll talk about a similar sustainability reporting program by Nutrien's downstream partner Ardent Mills. What's more, Brandon Laws and Taylor Ivy, senior product marketing managers at Loveland Products, are on the show to talk about how their products can make sustainability goals like more efficient nitrogen use and water management more achievable. They'll be highlighting how their current products fit into sustainability programs like SNO, as well as what impact they have on both crop yield and quality. They'll also be telling us about other upcoming products that will fit into that sustainability portfolio. For more information on SNO and how Loveland Products fit into the program, go to For more information on Ardent Mills's program, contact

Episode 28

California is in the middle of a historic drought. And since 1990, average annual water allocation to growers from state water systems has been cut in half as water resources dwindle. So how do growers plan for their crop when faced with an unreliable water supply? On this episode, Chris White, General Manager of the San Joaquin River Exchange Contractors Water Authority, is going to explain how they get water to the 240-thousand acres of agricultural land east of the Diablos. He'll give an in-depth explanation of water transfer markets, including how much it costs and how transportation affects water quality. He'll also talk about regulatory decisions that have affected water use and distribution in the area, including one which pushes water agencies to achieve groundwater balance by 2040. Plus, Tom and Sally will be telling us about farmers in the Netherlands protesting government restrictions on nitrogen fertilizer use, how even banks are targeting net-zero scope three carbon emissions goals, and how data-sharing by growers can help negotiate more realistic and effective sustainability practices.

Episode 27

In earning the distinction of being "carbon neutral," Ontario-based Maple Leaf Foods had to reduce its carbon footprint, and then invest in projects that offset its remaining output of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. It certainly wasn't an easy process. But it was absolutely worth it, according to Director of Sustainability Strategy and Partnerships Mauricio Alanis. So in this episode, we ask Mauricio why it was so important for Maple Leaf Foods to achieve this goal, how they made it happen, and what it has meant for the company's bottom line. He also shares insights from Maple Leaf's ongoing carbon partnership with Nutrien Ag Solutions. Plus, Tom and Sally discuss how this summer's water management efforts are playing out across North America, where many growers are dealing with historic drought conditions, while others are stuck with submerged farm fields from *too much* rain

Episode 26

The agriculture industry isn't the only one grappling with massive supply chain disruptions right now.

But any grower can tell you they're feeling the pinch in the cost of their inputs, which have risen as a result of a cascade of global pressures and unexpected interruptions.

So in this episode, we talk to Mat Taylor, Senior Director of Procurement at Nutrien Ag Solutions, about his experience managing the company's fertilizer supply chains.

He'll help us understand what's causing the disruptions, how ag inputs are shipped around the world, why economic sustainability is an important factor in long term decision making, and how growers can take steps today to help address tomorrow's potential supply chain issues.

Plus, Tom and Sally will discuss notable news from Indigo Agriculture, which has announced that its carbon farming program has produced 20,000 tonnes in soil carbon credits that it will sell as emissions offsets to buyers including JPMorgan Chase, Barclays and the North Face.

They are the first agricultural soil carbon credits to be verified and issued by the Climate Action Reserve, a non-profit registry with the distinction of being the largest state-level climate market.

Read more about the story here.

Episode 25

It's been a busy year full of insights on the Future. Faster. Podcast.

And if you missed even one episode, you missed a lot.

So in this, our 25th podcast episode, we're listening back to some of the highlights from the last year of the Nutrien Ag Solutions podcast project.

We'll hear some of the most important lessons, and some of the most memorable moments, including actionable insights for cover cropping this fall, how last winter’s climate predictions have held up this summer, and so much more.

The guests from whom we'll hear clips include:

  • Jeff Tarsi, President of Global Retail at Nutrien Ag Solutions
  • Patrick Reed, Vice President of Sales and La Crosse Seed
  • Christine Chitwood, Northern High Plains Division Research and Sustainability Manager
  • Brent Smith, Global Vice President of Sustainable Ag, Innovation, Marketing and Proprietary Products at Nutrien Ag Solutions
  • Eric Snodgrass, Science Fellow and Principle Atmospheric Scientist at Nutrien Ag Solutions
  • Ryan Bond, Senior Director of Crop Protection and Nutrition Innovation at Nutrien Ag Solutions
  • David Elser, Senior Vice President for North America Retail at Nutrien Ag Solutions

Episode 24

Most crops are in the ground for the summer here in North America. But that just means that the time is upon us to look ahead to the fall and winter.

And so in this episode, we’re going to review some of the sustainability programs that Nutrien Ag Solutions is rolling out for later this year, so that you can get prepared to maximize your yields, capitalize on those new sustainability revenue sources and do right by your growing ecosystem.

Plus, Tom and Sally explore some of the new ways that technology is supporting growers in their efforts to add value to their crops, including blockchain tracking and biofuels carbon intensity research, and discuss plans for expanding Nutrien Ag Solution's sustainability offerings westward.

Learn more about the Sustainable Nitrogen Outcomes program and sign up now.

Episode 23

The State of Iowa is home to some of the richest, most productive farm fields in North America. But it’s also the site of one of the greatest agricultural climate disasters of all-time, the 2020 Derecho storm event that flattened six million acres of crops. In this episode, we talk with Bill Northey, former USDA Under-Secretary and the new CEO of the Agri-Business Association of Iowa, about how growers in that state are adjusting their practices to promote climate resilience and nutrient management.

He explains how extreme weather events have elevated growers’ awareness of climate issues, and about how the Agri-Business Association of Iowa is expanding its 10-year test plot project to explore how variable rate nitrogen application can be used to maximize nutrient retention and crop yield in varying soil and planting conditions. Plus, Tom and Sally discuss how a Spring season full of economic and policy volatility, like the Federal Reserve’s planned interest rate hikes, will effect growers at a farm-level.

Read more about the relationship between interest rates and land value.

Episode 22

The State of Florida is as unique a place to farm as it is important to the North American food supply, serving as America's "winter vegetable basket."

But whether it's citrus or tomatoes or cabbage or one of the other 300 crops harvested in the Sunshine State, David Royal from the Nature Conservancy says 4R nutrient management principles are as important as ever when it comes to protecting Florida's complex and varied watersheds and keeping growers growing.

In this episode, he updates Tom and Sally on some of the innovative approaches growers are taking in Florida, and how they're doing a better job of telling their sustainability story to regulators and to the public.

Plus, Tom and Sally dig in on the volatile global market conditions and the uncooperative weather that have hampered planting this year, and analyze what it will mean for growers going forward.

Episode 21

Farmers are the original conservationists.

But over the last 20 years, the agriculture industry has gotten much better at telling its sustainability story.

And one organization that's helped lead the way is the National Corn Growers Association.

So in this episode, we talk to Nathan Fields, NCGA Vice President of Production and Sustainability, about how the association is working to protect the future of agriculture by putting grower-driven solutions front-and-center in the national discussion. Nathan also lays out NCGA's sustainability goals: land use efficiency, reduced soil erosion, water use efficiency, energy efficiency, and reduction of greenhouse gases.

Plus, Tom and Sally have an update from the Nutrien Ag Solutions retail team out in the field, and it sounds like poor conditions are causing a late start to the planting season. It means many growers will have to adjust their nitrogen application plans, and we'll discuss how.

As a result, the deadline to apply for the Nutrien Ag Solutions Sustainable Nitrogen Outcomes program has been extended to May 31.

Learn more about Sustainable Nitrogen Outcomes and see if you qualify.

Episode 20

To till or not to till is an issue that many sustainability-conscious growers grapple with each year.

But with the right equipment, strip till offers an attractive third option, allowing growers to reduce the impact of tilling while minimizing their fertilizer application with targeted, variable-rate application technology.

In this episode, Dave Sender, the regional sales manager at Environmental Tillage Systems, joins us to discuss how strip till can help lower an operation’s carbon footprint, build soil health, reduce inputs and improve yields. ETS produces the Soil Warrior line of strip till equipment, and Dave will tell us why it's is an increasingly popular practice for growers who want the best of both worlds.

Also, Tom and Sally provide an update on the Nutrien Ag Solutions Sustainable Nitrogen Outcomes Program, which has gone live.

Growers who enroll can get paid to participate in practices that keep nitrogen applications on crops in the field, reducing runoff into reservoirs or aquifers. But it also prevents nitrogen from being exposed to the environment and being released as the greenhouse gas nitrous oxide.

Click here to learn more or get involved in the Nutrien Ag Solutions Sustainable Nitrogen Outcomes Program.

Episode 19

In this day and age, consumers have high expectations for how their food is grown and the practices that growers employ.

And for farmer Janette Veazey-Post of Lamb Farms, Inc. and Lakeshore Dairy, LLC, meeting those expectations is an important way to generate new revenue and give back to the land on her 13,000-acre operation.

In this week's episode, Janette joins us to discuss what prompted her jointly-run family operation in New York and Ohio to get involved in the Nutrien Ag Solutions carbon pilot, how she collects data on their operation, and how they benefited from incorporating sustainable practices in their farm fields last year. 

Plus, Tom and Sally talk about when growers can expect to learn more about Nutrien Ag Solutions sustainability program announcements for 2023 and what those might look like.

Learn more about the Nutrien Ag Solutions Sustainable Nitrogen Outcomes Program

Episode 18

When Nutrien Ag Solutions rolled out its Carbon Pilot Project last year, we knew that getting the idea from plan to execution was going to take a concerted effort by all our stakeholders—our sustainability team, our leadership and our growers especially.

So at Commodity Classic this year, we brought these stakeholders together for the Nutrien Ag Solutions Carbon Summit to find out how it went—what worked, and how can we build on the success of this program as we continue to scale up?

So in this episode, we parse the feedback we received:

What did they like?

What did they dislike?

What would an ideal carbon program look like?

What value do they see in other sustainability practices beyond carbon?

And what are their long term goals for their growing operations?

Unpacking this feedback with us is Christine Chitwood, Northern High Plains Division Research and Sustainability Manager for Nutrien Ag Solutions, who will share her unique insights as well.

Episode 17

A sustainable climate is the top priority for Nutrien Ag Solutions as it continues to lead the ag industry in efforts to mitigate climate change and protect the environment.

But, from a corporate perspective, there's more to the company's ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) strategy than that.

So in this episode, we're joined by Candace Laing, Nutrien's Vice President of Sustainability and Stakeholder Relations, to discuss how the company's ESG strategy intertwines climate protection with other important issues, like equity, diversity, inclusion and safety—and why that's important for stakeholder relations. She also recalls growing up as a rural farm girl, and how women have come to play a larger role in the business side of agriculture throughout her lifetime.

Plus, Tom and Sally unpack the 2021 whole acre solution projects in carbon pilots to see what insights they can take away as the company continues to expand these critical, forward-looking initiatives.

Episode 16

Extreme weather events—like droughts, heavy rains and tornadoes—are becoming more frequent, as the effects of climate change take hold on our weather patterns. And that means that growers will need to adapt their practices to help them stay resilient in an era where the weather is expected to be increasingly unpredictable. So in this episode, Nutrien Ag Solutions Science Fellow and Principal Atmospheric Scientist Eric Snodgrass joins us to help get the politics out of the discussion on climate change. Eric will discuss real data about how weather patterns are changing, offer some predictions for the growing season ahead and discuss what growers in different parts of the country should prepare for in the long-term. Then, Tom and Sally will highlight some sustainable practices that growers can implement that can help counteract the effects of climate change. Plus, with many new growers enrolling in the Nutrien Ag Solutions Sustainable Nitrogen Outcomes program, Tom and Sally will answer some of the frequent questions they're asked about the program.

Episode 15

It's time to start crop planning for 2022, and many growers are interested in fertilizer enhancers as a way to maximize crop yield and sustainable outcomes.

Fertilizer enhancers speed up the breakdown and availability of key nutrients, enabling growers to more strategically apply fertilizer and manage their inputs.

So in this episode, we'll discuss nutrient management with Brian Cornelious, Director of Applied Sciences at Agricen. He'll discuss eye-popping new data from a pilot plot in Kentucky, review some of the new technological innovations Agricen has brought to market, and highlight the impact of some of their key products, like Titan XE and Maritime.

Plus, Tom and Sally offer tips for growers when it comes to incorporating the 4R nutrient stewardship principles into their cropping plans for 2022:

Right Source

Right Rate

Right Time

and Right Place

Episode 14

Brian Arnall spends his days drilling out soil samples from Texas to Nebraska, and everywhere in between.

As the Precision Nutrient Management Extension Specialist at Oklahoma State University, he knows that every acre of every farm field is unique. And without a precision plan for the variable rate application of fertilizers that accounts for that uniqueness, growers could be missing out on opportunities to improve their margins and their sustainability metrics.

In this episode, Brian discusses the true "cost" of soil sampling, why growers need to back up their sustainability efforts with solid data reporting, and some of the extreme soil conditions he's encountering in the southern Great Plains.

Plus, Tom and Sally discuss a new USDA supplemental crop insurance program for growers looking at improving their Nitrogen use efficiency. The Post Application Coverage Endorsement (PACE) program provides supplemental coverage when a producer is prevented from post/split applying nitrogen in the 2-3 week V3-V10 corn growth stages due to wet weather and field conditions.

PACE is available for non-irrigated corn in select counties in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Michigan, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. The deadline to apply is March 15. Learn more from these resources:

·      Frequently Asked Questions

·      Crop Criteria  

·      New Supplemental Insurance

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Episode 13

Farmers face a unique slate of challenges as they prepare to build on their sustainability successes in the 2022 growing season.

Supply chain, labor and policy uncertainties have come to a head, leaving growers in search of opportunities to improve their margins and solve problems that they may never have faced before.

And that means that Nutrien Ag Solutions will be a more valuable partner than ever before, according to newly-promoted Senior VP for Retail North America David Elser.

He believes that 2022 is poised to be the Year of the Agronomist, as Nutrien Ag Solutions' experienced team helps growers overcome these challenges and thrive in uncertain times. In this episode, David explains how his roots on a family farm in Iowa are an asset in the C-Suite, how he's continuing to build trust with growers, and why sustainable ag needs champions in the field.

Plus, Tom and Sally wrangle with the definition of sustainable agriculture, and decide that maybe "do the right thing" is a pretty good start.

Episode 12

Adapt or perish. It's an imperative as old as agriculture itself.

But as the modern ag industry grapples with the need to reduce costs for growers, improve margins and improve sustainability outcomes, Nutrien Ag Solutions must double down on innovation in order to meet those demands.

In this episode, Ryan Bond, Senior Director of Crop Protection & Nutrition Innovation at Nutrien Ag Solutions, outlines some of the cutting edge developments that the company can offer its grower customers and shares examples of how those input technologies are creating sustainable efficiencies on the farm.

Plus, Tom and Sally remind us that, even though agriculture is rooted in our local fields, what happens on a global level affects us on our own operations... and vice versa. They discuss how big picture issues like international climate agreements and climate change-driven extreme weather are a concern no matter where you grow.

Episode 11

Nutrien Ag Solutions can't get to its ambitious goal for sustainable ag program and practice enrollment all on its own.

It's going to take a dedicated group of partners to reach 75 million acres by 2030... not just grower and industry partners, but NGOs too.

So in this episode, Sarah Fox, Director of Sustainable Ag Strategic Partnerships at Nutrien Ag Solutions, joins us to lay out why it's so important for the company to foster these nontraditional relationships. We highlight that growers have often been on the front lines of sustainability, but how Nutrien Ag Solutions and its new partners are making sure that the ag industry is better positioned to tell its ESG story to the world.

And, it's that time of year when growers can enroll in sustainable ag programs for the year ahead. Tom and Sally talk through some of the best options available to them, and highlight some factors that growers should consider as they weigh their options.

Episode 10

Growers enrolled 575,000 acres in Nutrien Ag Solutions' sustainability programs this year.

And while that's an impressive milestone worth celebrating, the company is setting even bigger goals for next year, and rolling out new program offerings for growers who want to capitalize on the increasing supply chain value to be found in sustainable practices.

In this episode, Tom and Sally revisit some of the big wins they had in 2021, and unveil new goals and new program offerings for next year.

Plus, they recap some of the key takeaways from the Sustainable Ag Summit in Las Vegas, where they met with a number of industry figures and made a splash presenting the results of Nutrien Ag Solutions' sustainability efforts.

Episode 9

Dr. Chuck Rice has been an expert in the field of sustainable agriculture for years.

And his work on soil nutrients and farm productivity has changed our understanding of the way that growers conduct their operations.

So in this episode, Tom and Sally dig deep with Dr. Chuck Rice, University Distinguished Professor of Soil Microbiology at Kansas State University, on some of the biggest breakthroughs they've made over the years. And then, he outlines what he calls the "Holy Trinity" of soil health and how growers can harness these elements to build a more resilient operation.

Plus, Tom and Sally outline why every step in sustainability needs to happen in a "Whole Acre Solutions" context.

Episode 8

With new food labeling practices and evolving downstream partnerships, it might seem like the sustainable agriculture supply chain is more complicated than ever before.

But these trends are creating new value at the consumer level, and by adopting a few simple practices and documenting them properly, growers can make sure they are capturing their fair share of the profits.

In this episode of the Future. Faster, Tom and Sally discuss some of the different food labelling terms and what they really mean. Plus, they discuss real world examples of growers who are capitalizing on these trends and cite the real value on which they're collecting.

Then, they're joined by Jeff Peters, Director of Sustainable Agriculture Downstream Partnerships at Nutrien Ag Solutions, to elaborate on why downstream suppliers are interested in tracking sustainable practices at the farm level. He also outlines what types of opportunities this provides growers and how Nutrien Ag Solutions is delivering value to both groups.

Episode 7

With new food labeling practices and evolving downstream partnerships, it might seem like the sustainable agriculture supply chain is more complicated than ever before.

But these trends are creating new value at the consumer level, and by adopting a few simple practices and documenting them properly, growers can make sure they are capturing their fair share of the profits.

In this episode of the Future. Faster, Tom and Sally discuss some of the different food labelling terms and what they really mean. Plus, they discuss real world examples of growers who are capitalizing on these trends and cite the real value on which they're collecting.

Then, they're joined by Jeff Peters, Director of Sustainable Agriculture Downstream Partnerships at Nutrien Ag Solutions, to elaborate on why downstream suppliers are interested in tracking sustainable practices at the farm level. He also outlines what types of opportunities this provides growers and how Nutrien Ag Solutions is delivering value to both groups.

Episode 6

While return on investment (ROI) is top-of-mind for growers and their trusted crop consultants, Tom and Sally reiterate the true value of sustainable ag practice implementation and why 1-2 changes can be tough to calculate among a wide array of growing season conditions + factors. Specifically, how the two hot topic practice changes (cover crops and no-till ) can provide value above and beyond carbon program eligibility. 

Also in this episode of The Future. Faster, Tom and Sally are joined by Jack Brodshaug, Senior Principal Digital Agronomist at Nutrien Ag Solutions to discuss the value, potential complexities and needed future advancements of farm data collection and analysis, plus he elaborates on the details of the industry’s first program that puts value on a growers farm data – and what growers will need to participate.

Jack also shares his firsthand knowledge of Agrible - Nutrien Ag Solutions' proprietary sustainability digital platform that uses predictive agronomic forecasts and sustainability metrics generated from field-level data to improve operational efficiencies, generate new revenue streams from sustainability programs and ensure long-term success for future generations. All listeners are eligible to enter project code "nutriencarbon" into the Agrible Sign Up Page to begin utilizing the free platform today.

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Episode 5

While the topic of carbon sequestration is hot in the streets, recent Farm Journal research indicates that only 3.32% or growers surveyed are currently enrolled in a non-governmental carbon market. But while enrollment stays lean, interest does continue to rise, with 55% of growers surveyed confirming they plan to participate over the next 3 years.

In this episode of The Future. Faster, Tom and Sally discuss the reoccurring, but yet unanswered questions that are creating hesitancy among growers. How will the industry support the tedious data collection lift? Will the program payment cover the costs of the practice change, creating a positive ROI? Can growers participate if they conducted a practice before enrolling in a carbon program? And more...

Plus, Patrick Reed, Vice President of Sales at La Crosse Seed joins us to to share how to effectively plan for and manage cover crops, the appropriate way to evaluate ROI on cover crops and some overarching pros and cons that Nutrien Ag Solutions crop consultants and grower customers should be aware of.

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Episode 4

Doing the right thing is its own reward, especially when it comes to sustainability practices.

But when you can get compensated for doing that right thing? That's even sweeter.

And that's basically the concept behind carbon markets--creating an economic incentive for growers to help in the fight against global climate change.

So in this episode of The Future. Faster. Tom and Sally field some of the questions they hear most often from growers who are curious about getting into the carbon markets and entering into a carbon contract.

Plus, they define some of the key terms with which growers should be familiar if they're interested in getting involved, highlight some important industry issues that need to be addressed, and lay out the case for why farmers should strongly consider trading in carbon credits.

Episode 3

We all hear about global climate change regularly on the news.

But what does it really mean, both on a global level and in your own farm field?

And how is it that farmers find themselves in a position to help combat climate change, while also benefitting from doing the right thing?

In this episode of The Future. Faster. Tom and Sally cover the basics of climate change and carbon markets, where growers can be compensated for their integration of sustainability practices.

Plus, they're joined by Ben Nelson, Nutrien Ag Solutions Carbon Project Lead, to discuss current carbon market opportunities, the complexities of farm practices versus measured outcomes, and how decisions are made about the rules and regulations for carbon markets--specifically, Nutrien Ag Solutions' stance on additionality and permanence. 

Episode 2

With planning underway for next year's crop, there are a field full of reasons why growers should consider adopting new sustainable practices.

From cover crops to nitrogen management, the decisions that will dictate success or failure in 2022 are being made right now. But what's the best approach, and how will your farm's history and geography impact the best practices?

In this episode of The Future. Faster, Tom and Sally take a look at some of the top-of-mind issues for growers who are adapting to include more sustainability in their operations, and lay out some of the advantages, both short- and long-term.

Plus, Jeff Tarsi, Nutrien Ag Solutions Senior Vice President of North America Operations, joins us to discuss why sustainable agriculture has become such a focal point for the organization, and how Nutrien Ag Solutions is positioning itself to meet the needs of growers today and in the future.

Learn more about Nutrien's Agrible platform, which gives you the field-level insights and proof points you need to show partners and consumers that you’re producing and providing premium ingredients.

Episode 1

There's an entire world of opportunity in sustainable agriculture, so let's start at the beginning.

We've all heard the buzz over sustainability. But what's it really all about? What are the opportunities for growers? How can growers get involved, or do they even want to be involved?

In this episode of The Future. Faster. we'll answer all these questions and more with our hosts Tom Daniel and Dr. Sally Flis, two prominent leaders on the Nutrien Ag Solutions sustainability team.

Plus, Brent Smith, Nutrien Ag Solutions Vice President of Marketing, Sustainability and Proprietary Products, joins us to talk about how the organization defines sustainability and why it has become a top priority. He'll speak to the momentum that consumer demand has generated within the industry and how it has evolved the company's approach to proprietary products development, positioning and adoption.

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With the FARMSMART Podcast, we’re not just talking change. We’re making change.

We are focused on helping growers evolve their sustainability practices, and we use trusted agronomic proof to keep these solutions grounded in the here and now. We have the courage and care to challenge what we think we know, and we’re here to help you embrace sustainability at every level of your operation. 

Join us each month for invaluable insights from agricultural and environmental professionals about sustainable agriculture and the changes that are paving the road to our future.

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Join Tom Daniel (Director, NA Retail and Grower Sustainable Ag), and Sally Flis, Ph. D. (Director, Sustainability Program Design & Outcome Management), of Nutrien Ag Solutions every other week as they share company, industry and partner updates, plus engage with agricultural and environmental professionals to generate dialogue about sustainable agriculture. So follow along as we stay a step ahead and pursue sustainable success.

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