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Every season starts by choosing the right seed for your unique growing conditions. Nutrien Ag Solutions carries a wide selection of top-performing seed brands including Dyna-Gro® Seed to get the most out of your acres. You also have the advantage of working with local seed experts, crop consultants and agronomists ready to provide a custom recommendation to help you make the right decision — every time.

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We offer a broad lineup of seed brands. Each is selected for yield performance.



Custom Seed Solutions

Because your Nutrien Ag Solutions crop consultant knows every field and every acre has its own unique challenges.

Prescription Seeding

Utilizing state-of-the-art, multiyear stack satellite mapping, variable-rate prescriptions can place specific amounts of seed in specific areas of your field.

Data Viewing and Analysis

View, analyze and store real-time farm data to make better decisions that help bring more success to your farm all season long.

Custom Seed Treatments

Choose pre-treated in the bag or applied before it’s delivered to your farm. Custom, convenient and selected for the best performance.

Innovation and Technology

Every year, Nutrien Ag Solutions invests over $30 million globally in R&D, genetics, breeding and chemistries. Expand each to learn more.

As the largest agricultural retailer in the U.S., we have a responsibility to know the effects and expectations our products have on your crops. That’s why we invest over $30 million each year in research and development globally to develop new genetics, chemistries and solutions. From expanding our seed-breeding capabilities to developing new nutrient efficiency technologies, to discovering new biochemistry to enhance plant growth, work goes on every day throughout the company with a focus on delivering on our promise of adding value for our customers.

We have more than 20 dedicated facilities across four countries that contribute to our ability to develop seed solutions globally. We are constantly striving to bring new, unique products to the marketplace to provide innovative solutions to agricultural challenges around the world. Countries include: United States, Canada, Australia and Costa Rica.

We provide customers access to the broadest portfolio of leading-edge genetics by any ag retailer in the market. We only offer products that meet the highest quality standards. Hybrids and varieties combined with the latest trait technology for better performance no matter the crop, the region or the growing conditions.

We have more than 65 breeders and technicians at seven designated breeding stations in four countries, solely dedicated to developing elite hybrids, varieties and traits for growers in markets where we participate. Crops include: Canola, Rice, Grass and Forage Seed, Cotton and Cereals.

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Financial Solutions

Take advantage of competitive rates for fertilizer, seed, chemicals and other crop inputs.