Current Suppliers

Retail Indirect and Strategic Procurement Policies and Procedures

Indirect and Strategic Procurement refers to all purchases we make outside of seed, fertilizer, and chemical. Our policies and procedures detail what we expect from suppliers, creating a more transparent partnership.

If you have any questions about our indirect procurement policies or strategic partnerships with Nutrien Ag Solutions, please contact Retail Indirect Procurement.

If you have any questions on invoicing, please consult the materials sent to you by our Accounts Payable team or by your local customer for the correct support resources and guidelines on proper invoicing.

Notice To Current Suppliers

In the coming months, we will be transitioning some of our indirect procurement activities to the Ariba Network®. Please continue to transact with us as you normally would until we contact you with a Project Notification Letter. We will be helping you transition onto the Ariba Network in the upcoming months.

During the transition, we will be transacting on multiple systems, so some suppliers may be receiving purchase orders on multiple systems. It will be a growing pain, but it is a temporary one and we appreciate you joining us on this journey.

Already Transacting on Ariba? Reach out to Retail Indirect Procurement so that we can send you a Trading Relationship Request.

Dispute Resolution

Suppliers who believe they were treated unfairly can contact us. Phone our 24/7 Compliance Line at 1-800-383-4520 to make a confidential report.

Join Us On Sap Ariba®

We are transitioning to the Ariba Network to increase visibility and help you get paid faster. The system will allow us to transact electronically and move away from manual paper-based processes.

Watch for more information as we implement new systems that will create efficiencies.