Custom Blends Solutions

The Custom Blend Solutions Difference

We are committed to prescriptive and convenient custom herbicide blending and repackaging services for the Industrial Vegetation Management, Forestry and Agricultural markets. We're here to make herbicide application as simple as possible for applicators by using state-of-the-art technologies to provide quality blends.

    The Advantages of Custom Blending

    Contributing to Your Bottom Line


    Eliminating field mixing of herbicides means there’s no need to spend resources on rinsing, storing or disposing of empty containers. We protect you from costly field mixing errors that can often lead to the need for retreatments .

    Advantages of Custom Blending and Packaging

    Because plants vary tremendously in a variety of factors, no single herbicide can handle every vegetation management tasks. Custom blending can help provide the right approach to remove the right ones, at the right time. 

    Herbicides are one of the primary methods of managing unwanted plant growth around power lines, roadsides, plants, forestry tracts, and along industrial rights of way.

    They are generally convenient, cost-effective, and efficient. Managing vegetation continuously means impacting it in its early stages of growth, whereas removing it mechanically at a later stage would require more effort and poses more risk to the treatment area. Other advantages include:



    visibilty and thereby, safety


    fire hazard

    Soil Erosion


    Reduced risk of

    interruption to


    Preventing tall

    plants from reaching power lines

    Quality, efficient right of way management has its benefits to the public, as well, in terms of aesthetics and impact on human health.

    Custom Blend Solutions

    We provide convenient custom blending of herbicides. Ordering pre-blended herbicides eliminates the need for field mixing, and the attendant risks to safety and accuracy. Save money by making your employees more efficient while creating safer working conditions. Use custom blended, pre-packaged basal blends in refillable, reusable containers.

    We offer custom blended herbicides in returnable, refillable containers ranging from 15 to 350 gallons. We can help you select the best herbicides for your vegetation clearance needs and blend them in the optimal ratios so that you can eliminate the plants you don’t want while keeping the ones that you do want.

    Our state-of-the-art plants use the latest technology to ensure that your orders are filled and packaged to your exact specifications. Containers use the closed-loop MicroMatic system to maximize safety and efficiency while transferring from containers to tanks. Returnable containers do not require container disposal or triple rinsing and won’t wind up in landfills.

    Returning Drums

    To keep the process convenient and cost effective, we rely on having our drums returned to us when they are empty. Returning drums keeps them affordable, keeps them out of landfills, and keeps the product in your hands, making your herbicide application easy and convenient.