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Your Nutrien Ag Solutions crop consultant knows every field and every acre has its own unique challenges.

Experts in Your Field

Unlike other ag retailers, Nutrien Ag Solutions crop consultants take the extra steps necessary to collect and assess information from your fields. Understanding your growing conditions leads to recommendations that result in better yield performance. Work with your crop consultant to get the most out of your fields.



We know you and your farm have unique needs. You trust Nutrien Ag Solutions for everything from seed to nutritional inputs and some of the most important decisions for your growing business. Here’s one recommendation you’ll definitely want to take advantage of — switch to Nutrien Financial for all of your Nutrien Ag Solutions purchases.


Soil Sampling

Many agronomic decisions start with soil sampling. Nutrien Ag Solutions completes more than 500,000 soil samples every year. We work with the very best laboratories and the latest technologies to provide the right recommendations specific to your farm and growing conditions. Contact your local ag retailer to learn more.


Tissue Sampling

To help your crops reach their full potential and avoid yield-robbing nutrient deficiencies, Nutrien Ag Solutions has developed the industry-leading Nutriscription tissue-testing service. Nutriscription gives you clear insight to quickly manage plant nutrition issues and avoid potential yield loss. Contact your local ag retailer to learn more.


Field Scouting

Using the latest technologies, Nutrien Ag Solutions offers in-depth field and crop scouting as a service available to you. Staying up to date and aware of potential problems allows you to make real-time decisions that can make a big difference come harvest. Contact your local ag retailer to learn more.



Timing is critical to the performance and effectiveness of most input products. Application services allow you the flexibility to have Nutrien Ag Solutions apply crop inputs that your farm needs. Ask if application services are available in your area. Contact your local ag retailer to learn more.


Precision Agriculture

Our Echelon platform allows you to quickly work through layers of information, including planning, soil mapping, as-applied data and yield results. Then, local Nutrien Ag Solutions crop advisers work with you to arrive at a variable rate seed and nutrient prescription.

Ready to Lead the Field?

Discover the difference local expertise, top-performing products and customized service can do for your farming operation. Find your local Nutrien Ag Solutions retailer now.

Check Out the Digital Hub

Access online tools to help you securely manage your farming operation while staying connected to your crop consultant and agronomist — all from one easy-to-use location.