Plan And Prioritize Seed Decisions For Top Performance

Posted September 11, 2021 | By: Todd Pester, corn and soybean crop lead — North America

Todd Pester, corn and soybean crop lead — North America, highlights important factors to look at when buying seed

Seed planning and buying are the starting points for a successful growing season. Seed decisions are the foundation for input usage and crop protection plans. As growers begin harvesting this year’s crops, it’s also time to evaluate last year’s performance. With seed purchasing being one of the first pivotal decisions, I compiled some insights to kick off the upcoming season. 

Successful Seed Planning

There are many seed options available to growers because of advanced and ever-evolving seed traits and technology on the market each year. We offer the industry’s top-performing brands across a variety of row and specialty crops. Below are considerations I look into when it comes to seed selection.

  1. Yield — Yield is the top consideration to look at when reviewing seed options, but don’t just look at only one set of data. Co-op data, university trials and your own field data will help paint a full picture of yield potential.
  2. Hybrids — Identify hybrids that you want to keep purchasing — your bread and butter and consistently top-performing hybrids — and determine what hybrids fell flat and didn’t perform. 
  3. Risk Management — Take a look at selecting a wide range of maturities to help mitigate crop damage if inclement weather hits your field.

Local Experts with Local Solutions

Soil type and weather trends vary by county and region, so take time to talk to local agronomists and your retailer to gather up their knowledge on seed selection that would best fit your field. Your university extension will also have accessible data to help determine the best local solutions.

Trusted Seed from a Trusted Partner

As you put together your plan for this upcoming season, consider changing how you buy next year’s seed as well. This September, Nutrien Ag Solutions introduced Seedtember — the opportunity to purchase top-performing seed from the trusted partner for all your inputs. To place your order, talk to your crop consultant today or learn more on our Seed webpage.

Nutrien Ag Solutions also brings you Nutrien Financial — a flexible and simple application process to help finance your Nutrien Ag Solutions purchases. Learn more about Nutrien Financial by visiting the website or talking with your Nutrien crop consultant today.


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