How Weather is Tied to Revenue: A Podcast Interview with John Maman and Eric Snodgrass

Posted September 15, 2023

Nutrien Financial is sharing helpful tips and resources for growers to earn the highest profit and overcome financial obstacles. Recently, John Maman of Nutrien Financial was featured alongside Nutrien's Principal Atmospheric Scientist Eric Snodgrass on the Farm4Profit podcast. 

The conversation focused on the importance of making proactive adjustments to your crop plan when external variables shift, especially where unexpected weather events are concerned.

Maman highlighted some of the benefits of partnering with Nutrien Financial. “Nutrien brings so many facets to the table. You see an individual like myself and Eric on the same podcast, and you know our focus is on our customer and providing all the knowledge that we can as a large company that doesn’t feel like a large company. We can match our field-focused agronomics with field-focused economics and bring in other spaces, like what Eric has from the weather side,” Maman said.

They discussed this year’s unusual weather patterns, and highlighted services Nutrien Financial offers to help farmers be prepared if they need a little extra financial help due to unexpected circumstances, including the weather. Maman and Snodgrass also talked about the importance of having an experienced, trusted team of advisors at your side.

“There's nothing straightforward about any of this, from the financial side, to the weather side to the planning side, it's all those small things that blow up into bigger issues,” Snodgrass said. “That's the reality of farming. There's nothing straightforward about it, which is why it helps to have a trusted advisor alongside you.

Maman spoke about the benefits of keeping cash on hand, and having financial flexibility within your operating line, especially in times of uncertainty. “It's scary when interest rates rise, but somebody inevitably will grow in this market. And having the right access to cash is important. Your operating line is the lifeblood of your organization. It's what you use for cash flowing everything from people to the land to rent to various purchases,” Maman said.

Listen to the full conversation with the Farm4Profit team to hear more about tools and solutions that can help growers improve their planning and safeguard profits, no matter the challenges.


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