Financial Literacy Month: Learn How Nutrien Financial’s Calculator Can Help You Save This Month and All Year Long

Posted March 30, 2023 | By: Jennifer Eggspuehler

Financial Literacy Month: Learn How Nutrien Financial’s Calculator Can Help You Save This Month and All Year Long

Nutrien Financial is celebrating financial literacy month in April with an array of opportunities to assess your desired objectives and strengthen your financial position.

Our team is here to provide you with unparalleled, industry-specific knowledge and guidance, which can enhance your operational viability and set you up for long-term success. By offering personalized support and expertise from our financial professionals, we can help improve your profitability and create cost-savings whenever possible. To help, we designed an innovative calculator tool to maximize your operation’s economic position and unearth savings that you might be missing.

Innovative tools and expertise

At Nutrien Financial, we believe our value is not limited to the quality of our inputs or our expertise, but also extends to the innovative technologies we create. One such technology is our finance calculator which allows us the ability to explore and compare different program offers as well as different payment scenarios with technology-based precision.

There are countless financing offers promoted by banks, co-ops and other retailers in the market today. With so many options available, how do you cut through the noise and determine which is best for you? Our team at Nutrien Financial has developed an innovative calculator to find the most convenient, cost-effective way to pay for your inputs.

Unlike other payment calculators in the market, Nutrien Financial’s calculator offers you access to incomparable market due diligence. We don’t have an empty calculator feature on our website for you to play around with. Any calculator that presents payments without taking into account your crop plan details, applicable program rates and a strong understanding of the desired objective, is meaningless. Our calculator can make real-world computations, so we can offer appropriate solutions with no surprises.

Our calculator can help you meet your cash flow and budget goals. In addition, we also have a team of experts who can help interpret the data and unlock alternative payment methods to help you maximize your operation’s economics. For example, growers can determine due dates that work best for their crop’s revenue projections. Our calculator also considers the fact that we do NOT charge you interest for the first or last month, which is extra savings in your pocket.

Using the calculator, we will work with you to explore and compare a variety of programs and payment scenarios with the touch of a button. We use your existing crop plan to identify the absolute best payment approach – cash, promotional offers, financing terms, supplier programs, or a blend of all of these. After confirming your crop plan, let the calculator go to work to create a payment solution for you.

You can receive a summary that illustrates the interest rate you will be paying for each payment scenario. We can then provide a side-by-side comparison of different payment options that makes it easy for you to determine the most lucrative, full-acre solution for your crop plan. Using this tool, we can show you exactly how much you can save depending on various payment scenarios.

Customized, personalized support from the Nutrien team

No crop plan looks the same, nor does a financial plan. Every grower has a unique situation and pairing that up with the volume of financing options that are available can be overwhelming. Nutrien Financial brings ag-specific knowledge to your input lending experience. Our financial professionals have regional and crop-specific expertise and can help you sort through your options and make the most informed decision to positively impact your financial position.

We believe a meaningful financial assessment needs a human touch, with expertise to offer unique solutions based on your individual crop plan, and region. We understand the importance of identifying a payment plan that matches your revenue cycle and budget needs, and you will gain peace of mind working with our experts to identify the most advantageous payment solution. This calculator was created to ensure growers feel confident about their financial options.

Nutrien is dedicated to continually finding ways to help growers be more efficient in the field and with their finances. We embrace collaboration opportunities to learn from our customers so that we can develop the technological improvements that promote optimized yields and improved economics. Agriculture’s future may very well depend on a technology transformation and we at Nutrien will continue to develop and support infrastructure that benefits you.

Celebrate Financial Literacy Month

Our team can help you assess and refine your economic plan to complement your agronomic plan, but the spring season is also a great time to take a comprehensive look at your financial position.

If you’re interested in exploring more topics to celebrate financial literacy month, check out our other financing blog posts at Blog ( Or if you are ready to get started on your road to savings, apply for credit in minutes using our easy and secure online application at

Jennifer Eggspuehler

Jennifer Eggspuehler is the Program Manager for Strategic Transformation and Growth at Nutrien Financial. She has 10 years of experience in strategic investment strategy, 15 years of sales and finance experience, and has been with Nutrien Financial for 5 years. While at Nutrien she has worked directly with crop consultants and growers on financing solutions and is now working behind the scenes to ensure we have the tools, technologies and programs available to best support Nutrien and our farmers.


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