Nutrien Financial Leader Talks “Inclusive Financing” on Farm Food Facts Podcast 

Posted September 20, 2023

Nutrien Financial is continuing to share helpful tips and resources for growers to improve profitability and overcome financial obstacles. John Maman, Director of Sales & Marketing for Nutrien Financial, was recently on the podcast Farm Food Facts, produced by U.S. Farmers and Ranchers in Action. Maman talked with host Joanna Guza about inclusive financing, digital tools for growers to use, and the current market.

On the podcast, Maman talked about how growers are facing a number of challenges that require a specific approach and expertise across a wide range of topics, including agronomy, economics and management.

“Inclusive financing is taking a look at an overall agronomic plan. It’s making sure that throughout the year, you match the right economics to that plan - including everything you're doing with cash and prepay financing - and matching it to the ebbs and flows of your agronomic cycle,” Maman said.

He continued with tips to help growers find the simplest way to start.

“You start with an agronomic plan, and the minute you start that, you should be looking for ways that you expect to have cash flow. Recognizing that every year, each crop cycle is different, you should be looking to figure out if what you did in the past is sufficient,” Maman said. “Are there other market challenges you need to look at that year? Are there other areas in any marketplace that you can grow and do things better, more efficiently or expand your enterprise?”

Maman also pointed out the times throughout the year when it is critical to revisit both your agronomic and economic plans to make sure they continue to align. “If there are any peaks or changes in your plan, that’s the time to review,” Maman said.

“It comes down to having the right plan that you’re confident in, but having the agility and levers to pull if and when you need to pivot,” Maman said. “Knowing you have a team of trusted advisors who are in your corner and are dedicated to your success is important.”

Listen to the full Farm Food Facts conversation to learn more about inclusive financing, the technology that Nutrien uses to help growers secure and manage their finances, and tips for growers to maintain their profitability in the current economic times.


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