Carbon Programs 101

Posted July 8, 2021 | By: Ben Nelson, Sustainable Ag, Project Lead — Carbon

Navigating the Carbon Market Landscape

As the drive to build a more sustainable future comes to fruition, carbon markets are continuing to gain the interest of growers and the agriculture industry. Companies are rolling out programs that reward growers for carbon reductions and/or removals on their acres. Growers who participate in carbon programs receive acre-specific insights that allow them to drive higher-performing programs. These programs allow growers to craft a unique plan based on their operational needs and their end goals in mind. 

The carbon markets landscape is relatively new and, as a result, our approach in 2021 is specifically designed to be a year of learning across a portfolio of different pilots. Our goal is to gain the necessary learnings to scale commercial offers that work the best for our customers long term.

The Benefit of Partnering with the Nutrien Ag Solutions Carbon Program

There are several pilots supporting different pathways for growers to monetize their carbon reductions. At Nutrien Ag Solutions, we are focused on being grower-centric with a portfolio approach to reduce risk as they build a more sustainable future. 

Our portfolio of 2021 pilots consists of nine unique paths that are designed to test and learn the various aspects of the evolving carbon market landscape, while continuing to focus on grower benefits. These pilots will provide growers with incentives and learnings related to compliance versus voluntary markets, scopes 1, 2 and 3 carbon outcomes, stacking of other environmental outcomes such as water, a variety of verification protocols, and various collaboration models across the agriculture value chain. As the specifics are ironed out around each pilot, we will focus on our grower partnerships to learn these markets together and craft the best path forward.

Pile on the Pilot Perks

Implementing sustainable practices benefits our growers, the environment and our communities. Long-term sustainable practices result in higher yields and a higher resiliency to handle pests, droughts and other variables. In addition, current sustainability efforts, such as carbon sequestration, are yet another revenue stream for growers. As a result, agriculture has the potential to make a meaningful difference to bring greenhouse gases down across sectors and around the globe.

What to Expect for the Future

Nutrien Ag Solutions believes the agriculture community must be a leader in providing solutions for a more sustainable future. By using the latest technology from Agrible, we’re able to track results and evaluate research to continue leading the field in sustainability advances. 

As we learn more about the performance of our 2021 pilots, Nutrien Ag Solutions will continue to evolve with the sustainability landscape. Data captured from the nine pilots will inform future commercial offers with extensions to other crops and geographies, as well as enhance the digital road map so we can continue making an impact. Learn more about sustainability at Nutrien Ag Solutions.

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