Agrible®: Future-Driven Decision-Making

Posted October 8, 2021 | By: Jeff Peters

Agrible® combines field, weather and agronomic data, so growers can have more control over the future of their operation.

Growers, we know you are locked in an age-old battle with Mother Nature, and the future success of your operation is dependent on the environment and the need to take care of it. With sustainability being at the forefront of agriculture and carbon sequestration programs popping up left and right, there are a lot of decisions that need to be made. On top of an industry wide focus on sustainability, and constant new advances in technology, this can lead to an overwhelming amount of possibilities that need to be considered. Data — and the ability to analyze it effectively, is imperative for a successful growing season. At Nutrien Ag Solutions, we have a tool to help analyze and interpret the data that’s important for your farm when it comes to yield and sustainability.

Agrible offers weather forecasts, soil conditions, yield predictions and sustainability metrics generated from your field-level data, giving growers:

  1. A glimpse of what the future holds.

  2. Credit for making it better for the next generation.

  3. An actionable path to more profitable decision-making. 

Agrible is built by people who understand smart farming and is designed around grower profitability. The platform offers many benefits useful for growers and agronomists looking to help their customers.

Sign Up for Sustainable Success

Agrible grants access to increased profitability through the emerging market opportunity of sustainable agriculture. With a range of programs that can be customized for each individual for a field, Agrible connects you to a market that rewards your sustainability efforts, which are all backed by science. Benefits of the Agrible programs include:  

  • Easy enrollment.

  • Tailored to individual operations.

  • Full-season technical support.

  • Science-based calculations.

  • High quality carbon and water credits.

Predictive Farming Tools Based on Data

Agrible is a future-driven digital agronomy tool that allows for planning today with data from tomorrow — meaning — you have access to field-level weather data and real-time yield and soil fertility projections. This allows you to optimize your crop production plan. 

Agronomic tools from Agrible include:

  • Full weather view for each acre in the entire region.

  • Predictions on suitability of field conditions for planting. 

  • Crop growth estimates based on Growing Degree Days.

  • All-season, field-specific yield predictions.

  • In-season soil fertility updates.

  • Predictions on harvest conditions.

Leaving a Legacy

Agrible helps measure and improve sustainability for growers who want a better future for their farm and the planet. Growers who utilize Agrible receive sustainability reports, with Agrible tracking sustainable operation practices. With carbon sequestration and other sustainability efforts on the forefront of everyone’s minds, Agrible helps track and report those efforts.

Growers, get a year-over-year comparison view and so much more to help secure your farm for future generations. Continue #LeadingTheField in sustainability. 

To learn more about how Nutrien Ag Solutions is helping growers take more control over their future with Agrible and sustainability, visit the website.

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