Leading the Field with Brett Griffin

How are growers feeding a growing world? In “Leading the Field with Brett Griffin,” Brett travels around North America to find out. From California wine country to cotton fields in Texas, he tracks the fascinating journey from seed to shelf. Along the way, he meets some of the hard-working people who ensure the products we love are readily available.

From Cornfield to Corn Chip

In this episode, Brett travels to a farm near Champaign, Illinois, in search of the secret to making great-tasting corn chips. He learns how food-grade white corn is grown and how safety and sustainability play a big role in the process.

Ape-ricot or App-ricot?

Brett learns how apricots are grown and harvested in this episode. He tours a beautiful orchard in Patterson, California, the apricot capital of the world, to discover the challenges of growing this unique fruit.

Happy Cow, Happy Steak

What’s the secret to a great-tasting steak? Brett goes to a cattle ranch in Cadiz, Kentucky, to find the answer. He learns that happy cows—not grill mastery—are why his steaks taste so good.

Sustainably Delicious

Brett visits California’s Wente Vineyard – the oldest, continuously operated, family-owned vineyard in America – to discover that their keys to longevity are sustainable practices and progressive land and water management.

What’s a Canola?

Brett finds himself in Alberta, Canada, where lush yellow fields of flowering canola spread to the horizon. He finds out how Canadian canola farmers rely on innovative technology and sustainability best practices to keep their land healthy for future generations.

Comfy Cotton

In the sprawling fields of West Texas, Brett discovers that the cotton in his shirt is not only comfortable it’s also traceable. Third- and fourth-generation farmers tell him how they grow and harvest cotton and explain why water management is so vital in this dry region.

Cranberry Myths Busted

Brett travels to Wisconsin in this episode to learn that a lot of what we think we know about growing cranberries is wrong. A father-daughter duo sets him straight on this mysterious superfood, explaining the process from bog to bowl.

Watch Two-Track Mind

Follow NASCAR driver, Jeb Burton, as he visits farms all across America to learn more about how growers are leading the field. 

Highlighting the connection between life as a racer and an ag-enthusiast, this series captures the passions, emotions, successes and hardships that Burton and his family endure in the field and on the track.